Sunday, 11 March 2012

5.17 Micropropagation

Describe the process of micropropagation (tissue culture) in which small pieces of plants (explants) are grown in vitro using nutrient media.

We begin with a plant which has characteristics that we consider desirable and we want to produce more plants of the same kind, the problem is if we use sexual reproduction, the plant will show genetic variation, instead we will have to cloning technique called micropropagation.

  1. We begin by taking tissue from the shoot tip or the root tip 
  2. The next step is under aseptic conditions (free from contamination), we are going to cut this tissue into many small parts
  3. Then transfer the tissue to a petri dish which will contain nutrient agar.
  4.  In addition to the minerals, there will also be rooting compounds and other plant hormones which will encourage the growth of each of the small parts into small clone of the original plant and then each of these can be then grown on into a seedling.
  5.  In the process of doing so, we create a lot of copies of the original plants, and these plants are known as 'clones' which will have the same genes.

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